Feeding America on the Blue Sky Tour

logoMy two biggest music heroes have been Harry Chapin and Bruce Springsteen  – both kown for fighting hunger. So I wanted to participate in their legacy of feeding the hungry by contributing a portion of my show proceeds and CD sales from the 2016 Blue Sky Tour to feed the hungry, and by actively encouraging you to contribute also.

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Together we are setting the table for a hunger-free America. Over 46 million people are served each year through the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks and we can help.

I have started this fundraiser to allow children, families, and seniors to sit down at the table and share a meal.

Now, I have a question for you. Will you give a gift today to help provide these healthy meals to those in need?

To support my efforts to end hunger, please click on the Donate button. It’s easy. And it means a lot.

Together we can Set the Table™ for a hunger-free America. Thanks in advance for your support!

Martin Koop

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Easy DIY Vocal Booth



Easy DIY vocal booth – assembled in about 15 minutes from a $30.00 bi-fold closet door and $12.00 of acoustic foam panels from Amazon. (A heavy moving blanket over the door will work as well  but it’s not as pretty). I just sprayed the top half of the doors with Loctite spray adhesive and stuck the panels to the doors at the height of my vocal mic. This deadened the space in front of the microphone and absorbed some of the reflection. It made a massive difference in the vocal clarity and warmth. It was a simple, effective, inexpensive solution for cutting down the reverb of my big recording room.