American Fork by Tim Easton

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I want to tell you how very much I am digging Tim Easton’s new album – American Fork. . . I played with Tim last summer at Dirt Sandwich in Norwalk – he was born in upstate New York and raised in Akron, Ohio, with a lot of Nashville and American road trip built in. His songs are well crafted and heart-felt. Americana indeed.

Have a listen to the touching closing track written for his five-year-old daughter, titled “On My Way.” When he sings “Like the trucks out on the highway – like the seasons and the days – like the river that passes through your town – I really must be on my way” you can feel that relentless tug out of your comfort zone that everybody feels when there is something you must do, but you would really rather not. And listen to Elmore James for a tight blues groove . . . “Some girls like to keep it clean – others like to get down and mean – to Elmore James.”

The musicians on this album are top Nashville veterans, which makes these songs even more special. For me personally, this album has a special meaning because I am tripping over some of the same venues and highways and trout waters as Tim, as he zigs and zags across America, so I hear the melodies in the landscape and brooks and nooks and crannies.

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